2019 Municipal By-Election

A by-election will be held to fill one vacancy for the office of Municipal Councillor.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs has granted the City an extension to hold the By-election in September.

As such, City Council will officially move the date of the election during the July 15, 2019 Council meeting, and as a result, the Nomination period will be extended.

What is City Council’s role?

City Council provides the City with Strategic direction and leadership. There are six Councillors and one Mayor who work together to fulfill this job.

Being a Council member is a four year commitment and requires that Councillors and Mayor attend Council Meetings, various committee and board meetings, conferences, conventions, and training workshops, as well as other events promoting the City of Wetaskiwin.

A Councillor who is elected as a result of the  by-Election will end their term on October 25th 2021.



Election Workers:

We are looking for hardworking individuals to work the By-Election. Think you have what it takes? Please click here for more information

Additional Information

For further information or if you have any questions regarding the Election, please contact Jacqueline Pelechytik, Returning Officer at 780-361-4420 or at jacqueline.pelechytik@wetaskiwin.ca