2020 Construction Projects

Find out what construction projects are scheduled locally throughout 2020. Please click on the project name below you want additional information on:

49th Avenue Reconstruction

DescriptionThe 49 Avenue Reconstruction was mostly completed on November 15, 2019. Landscaping work and the final lift of asphalt will be completed in the Spring of 2020. There is also some more concrete work to be done in front of the Associate Clinic.
This reconstruction project included repairs to water, stormwater and sanitary lines that were nearing failure. The road itself has been completely rebuilt from the base including the asphalt, concrete curb and gutters and sidewalks. There was also a boulevard added to the north side of the roadway.
The surface work for this project was completed through a local improvement tax. The petition period for the local improvement ended on May 17, 2019.
Location(s)49th Avenue between 52nd Street & 53rd Street
Estimated Start DateTBD
Estimated Completion DateJuly 31, 2020
Contractor/ConsultantSurface Contractor: Kantrax Contractors Ltd.
Landscaping Contractor: Seasonal Impact
Consultant: McElhanney Consulting services
Road ClosuresN/A
Temporary Utility ShutdownsN/A
Other Information

62nd Street Ditches

DescriptionA low impact development system will be installed in the ditches in 2021.

Based on several comments, the team is reviewing options related to the propagation of the water issue that appears to be spreading onto private property from areas where the road has had added materials. Additionally, it has come to our attention during the hydrovac operations that there are utility conflicts with gas, power, and cable.

The City of Wetaskiwin is commited to delivering the best possible solution for the 62nd Street Ditch Rehabilitation Project. Therefore, due to the shallow utility conflict we are taking more time to review all of our options for a solution that will achieve the project objectives. 

Location(s)62nd Street, 49th Avenue, and Evergreen Close
Estimated Start DateTBD
Estimated Completion DateTBD
Contractor/ConsultantContractor: TBD
Road ClosuresTBD
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone Anticipated
Current Condition
  • The drainage ditch is designed to flow to the north. There is very little elevation difference between the south and north. The maximum grade that could be achieved is 0.3%. Typically the minimum grade for a grass ditch is 0.75%.
  • The City was told that geo fabric was placed all the way across the ditch when the road was built. If this is the case, the fabric could be preventing water from infiltrating into the ground.
  • Culverts on the north portion of 62nd street were not placed at proper grade and are causing water pooling.
  • The ditch has sediment build up in various locations.
Selected Vegetation

Click here to see proposed photos of what the ditch will look like once the work is completed.
Prairie Cascade Weeping Willow
Willow Shrub

Trembling Aspen

Siberian Iris
Ribbon Grass

Bull Rush
Willow trees and shrubs have been selected based on their ability to thrive in saturated conditions and absorb large quantities of water.

Trembling Aspen and Dogwood have been selected due to them being thirsty plants. They are also native to the parkland ecosystem which means they are low maintenance and adaptable to both the wet and dry conditions within our climate.

Siberian Iris and Ribbon Grass were selected based on their ability to thrive in saturated conditions and their distinct ornamental features.

Bull Rush was chosen based on their ability to absorb water as well as their ability to remove pollutants and heavy metals from water. Bull Rush are one of the best natural filters in the parkland ecosystem.


DescriptionThis project completes the cleaning and video camera inspections of underground storm and sanitary infrastructure to identify issues to complete future repairs throughout the City of Wetaskiwin.
Location(s)Northeast section of City2020 CCTV Inspection Area
Start DateApril 20, 2020
Estimated Completion DateAugust
ContractorsEmpipe Solutions Ltd.
Sureway Construction Management Ltd.
Road ClosuresNo road closures. However, there will be various construction and/or work zones as required.
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone
Other InformationThe work is mostly complete. Some work remains in fields. The contractors are waiting for dryer weather to access these locations. 

40 Ave & 53 St Traffic Signals

DescriptionThis project will remove and replace the existing traffic signals at 40 Ave & 53 St.
Location(s)40 Avenue & 53 Street Intersection
Estimated Start DateLocates: June 19, 2020
Construction: June 29, 2020
Estimated Completion DateAugust, 2020
ContractorHighLine Electrical Constructors Ltd.
Road Closureslane closure during construction - Please follow all posted signage and use caution when driving through construction zones.
Tas plan dwg
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNo

Sidewalk Program

DescriptionThis project will allow for replacement of sidewalks throughout the City of Wetaskiwin. Pending Council Approval, this years program will also include decorative concrete work at the new peace cairn location. 
  • Several high priority sidewalks have been identified on Spatinow Drive. 
  • Several new ramps will be installed at corners on 56 Street to increase accessibility. 
  • A small sidewalk will be added to the street side of the boulevards along the reconstructed portion of 51 Avenue to ensure easy access to vehicles parked on the street. 
  • Various other high priority locations that have been identified throughout the City
Estimated Start DateJuly 15, 2020
Estimated Completion DateOctober 2020
ContractorJ. Branco & Sons Concrete Services Ltd.
Road ClosuresNo road closures. However, there will be various construction and/or work zones as required. Please use caution when driving past construction zones. 
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone
Other Information

Public Works Shop Renovation & Addition

DescriptionRenovation and upgrades to the City Public Works Shop
Location(s)5520 - 50 Street
Estimated Start DateTBD
Estimated Completion DateTBD
Road ClosuresNone anticipated
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone anticipated
Other Information

49 Avenue and 55A Street Storm Reroute

DescriptionRemoving and replacing existing storm sewer at a new location. This is to ensure the infrastructure is within the road right of way. 
Location(s)49 Avenue and 55A Street
Estimated Start DateJune 11, 2020
Estimated Completion DateJuly 31, 2020
ContractorCobra Plumbing and Gasfitting Ltd.
Road ClosuresYes, please follow posted signage.
Road Closure Map
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone anticipated
Other Information